Double Cross – Catch the Traitor!

Double Cross Featured Image

Developer: 13AM Games
Released: 10 January 2019
Price: $19.99
Engine: Unity

Platforms: Windows, Switch, Xbox One
Available on: itch, Steam, Humble, Microsoft, Nintendo


Double Cross is an action platformer with investigative elements published by Graffiti Games and developed by 13AM Games, featuring an organization policing multiple dimensions and Earths!

In a neutral dimension where there is no Earth, the Regulators of Interdimensional Frontiers and Technology (R.I.F.T.) HQ is attacked by the mysterious Suspect X, who is thought to be one of the organization’s very own members. The only R.I.F.T. agent who has seen the culprit run off with the dangerous Netacatalyst and who can track them down is Zahra Sinclair!


Double Cross’s investigative side mainly consists of obtaining clues and leads by talking with R.I.F.T. employees and finding items then showing them to the right persons. Once you have enough clues to build a case, you can then submit it to Zahra’s boss, Commissioner Wiseheart, who then grants you a new assignment based on that case. Although the foundation of the game’s deduction side is solid, I found it impossible to build a case based on wrong or misleading leads, making this aspect of the gameplay underwhelming.

Double Cross - Anomalous Cave
A ceiling sticky enough to move on!

Meanwhile, the game’s take on platforming is a mix between the beat-em-up and puzzle genres. Zahra has access to a collection of simple but effective combat moves that you can easily pull off, such as uppercuts or dodge rolls, as well as techniques that can consume her energy bar such as shooting fireballs or healing. But the main highlight among Zahra’s tools is her proton slinger, which allows her to grab and throw items from a distance as well as use it to fling herself from one place to another.

Some of the challenges you’ll face in the game include running away from a giant wall of deadly goo, using sticky and bouncy liquids to navigate anomalous areas, and carrying important objects across deadly factories!

Artstyle and Audio

Double Cross is a gorgeous game to look at thanks to the cartoony, anime-based artstyle, which is similar to what you can find in WayForward titles such as Shantae or Mighty Switch Force!, with outlandish character designs utilizing vibrant colors and expressive expressions. The environments you can access are also reminiscent of cartoons thanks to their simple yet effective details.

Double Cross - Factory
Just airkicking some dinosaurs.

The soundtrack is quite decent and is mostly environmental with touches of technological themes. The sound effects are also alright, from Zahra’s grunts when moving around to the sounds that the proton slinger makes when used (which tells you how much time you have left to aim it!).

The two things I found weird about the game, however, include the language randomly switching whenever the game is started up for no good reason, and to a lesser extent, the mysterious fun slider in the options menu which seems to not do anything.

Double Cross - Just a conversation
Moments before disaster.

In Conclusion

If you’re craving a WayForward-like platforming experience with a superb artstyle and intriguing story, you will find Double Cross worth experiencing. Although it’s quite lacking in the investigative department, the game makes up for it in every other area, and I’d recommend it at full price.

If you have purchased Itch’s Racial Justice bundle during the last year, you can download and play the game right away!

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