Decline’s Drops – Save the Beautiful Garden!

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Developer: Drazglb.
Released: TBA
Price: TBA

Platforms: Windows
Available on:
Engine: GameMaker


Decline’s Drops is a platformer by Drazglb. with an extensive fighting move set inspired by Super Smash Brothers, and art that draws from Yoshi’s Island. After her garden was taken over by several evil Hydras, Globule, a living wooden puppet, decides to give them a taste of her boxing gloves!

The demo has been released shortly before a very successful Kickstarter funding, featuring two regular levels, one hard level, and a major boss fight


The goal of each level is to get to the end and break the heart cage while keeping Globule healthy and in tip-top condition for punching things. You have access to a vast array of moves, including regular hits, ground pounds, upward strikes, transforming into a high-speed fist, and of course, powerful smashes, as well as blocks and dodge rolls. Each encounter with an enemy or more is akin to a brief skit in a Smash Bros game, in which you need to attack and successfully dodge incoming strikes to come out unscathed.

Decline's Drops - Fields

In addition to the combat, the platforming is another solid aspect of Decline’s Drops. The levels encourage you to explore, collect drops to heal Globule, and search for the five golden droplets hidden in each regular level. Some of these are hidden in the terrain, require solving puzzles, or punching your way through obstacles! All in all, both the platforming and combat elements combine into an excellent explorative 2D game with a balanced difficulty.

While Decline’s Drops’ difficulty is slightly challenging, the fourth (and extra) level in the demo (unlocked after beating the area’s boss) is a sudden shift from the explorative type of gameplay to a difficult platforming level where you will die and retry several times before making it to the mid-level checkpoint, let alone the finish line. I expect to see more of these tough-as-nails yet welcome challenge levels in the full version!

Artstyle and Audio

Decline’s Drops’ hand-drawn art is undeniably beautiful and expressive. Background details are blurred in contrast to the main gameplay area, giving each area a sense of depth. The overall aesthetics of the game give it a cartoony and adventurous vibe, with its vibrant and colorful settings.

Decline's Drops - Caves

The music is excellent, with each level of the demo having an appropriate track to match the environment. For example, the first level has a relaxing outdoor vibe to it, while the second level has a slightly oppressive jazz track to go with the dark caves.

In Conclusion

Right off the bat, Decline’s Drops’ demo shows a lot of promise for the eventual release of the game. There is something about the game that makes it feel charming and magical, which is best experienced by downloading the 300MBs demo and playing it right away!

We’re can’t wait to see what the final product has on offer!

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