Indie Hive is a group of busy bees who love games.

The site was founded by an international group of writers who have been working in and out of video game journalism. The site’s focus is primarily on indie games, but we also cover a variety of genres and games, from retro to AAA.

If you have a game that you’re interested in sharing or would like to be interviewed for a game we covered, please contact us!


Kati Baker - Writer, Social Media Manager

Kati is a freelance game developer and host of the Godot Wild Jam. She enjoys narrative and strategy driven games but is often in need of a platformer or other to chill her out. She is excited about Indie Hive as she is combining two of her passions which are gaming and writing. Her favorite game is The Longest Journey, a classic point-and-click adventure game

Rachael Brearton - Editor, Writer, Social Media Manager

Rachael is a writer and artist with a love of narrative-driven, puzzle-based indie games and a particular appreciation for interactive story-telling and atmospheric game art. Her favourite game is Dear Esther. Her first experience as a gamer was on a Commodore 64 but largely abandoned consoles in favour of PC gaming!

David Ingrusee - Editor, Writer, Twitter Guy

David has a fascination with retro games and consoles. He likes challenging indie games such as Cuphead, as well as enjoying premium mobile games. He is also an avid user of GOG!