A Tower Full of Cats – A Feline-Filled Journey through Time!

A Tower Full of Cats - Key Art

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” – Mark Twain


A Tower Full of Cats is another hidden cat game from Devcats, previous instalments include A Building Full of Cats, A Castle Full of Cats, and An Arcade Full of Cats (free). Players must find a plethora of felines within the titular tower which is made up of multiple historical eras.

Developer: Devcats
Released: 20th May 2024
Price: £4.29

Platform: Windows, Linux
Available on: Steam
Engine: Unknown

A Tower Full of Cats Screenshot - Judy (Cat)


A Tower Full of Cats provides entertainment beyond what one might expect from a hidden object game. There are multiple facets to the game and lots of extra activities. At its most basic, there is a tower with different levels, each depicting a different period of history and containing a number of cats to find. However, there are cats hidden in plain sight, some are hiding more stealthily behind or in things, and on top of that there are several nuts and bolts to find that will eventually repair a spaceship! Each level has an indicator so the player knows how many of each thing are left to find. Some sections include additional or different hidden objects and all of them feature extra areas such as caves, libraries, or catacombs in which to conduct a new search!

Throughout the game, there are several additional, key objects to find such as a metal detector, a magic potion, a key card, and an axe, amongst others. Some of these are required in order to complete the game in its entirety by allowing access to extra areas for example. This adds a puzzle aspect to the gameplay as some objects will not be found until a later section requiring some logical thought, as well as some backtracking.

Once the game is ‘completed’ there are additional areas to search and even displaced cats in already visited areas. With over 1400 cats to find in total there is a lot to do and finding all of them will take around 2-4 hours providing excellent value for money!

A Tower Full of Cats Screenshot - Progress and Inventory


The level of narrative within A Tower Full of Cats is impressive considering it is a hidden object game! The player must travel through history collecting cats before embarking on a journey across space! There are different named cats to talk to in each area, all adding to the vague story often by providing extra objectives. This creates extra gameplay elements that add an environmental message such as one cat asking the player to collect plastic bottles for recycling. This sits alongside the usual missive regarding cat welfare, rescue and adoption that is consistent throughout all of Devcats’ games.


A Tower Full of Cats has a very colourful, 2D, cartoon aesthetic. The cute hand-drawn illustrations consist solely of detailed linework on monochromatic backgrounds with cats being filled in with colour as they are discovered. The regular and hidden cats will be filled with different colours from each other and the colours used vary across each section of the tower and each level of the tower has a different primary colourway.

The soundtrack is a highlight of the game, with a range of tracks that fit not only the game perfectly but each section of the tower. The music thematically matches each period of history being represented, for example, the prehistoric era has drums and wooden instruments giving a somewhat tribal feel. Cute melodic miaows are consistent throughout!

A Tower Full of Cats Screenshot - Prehistory to Egypt


A Tower Full of Cats is another great hidden object game from Devcats, it builds on the minimal expectations of the genre and provides literal hours of entertainment. It boasts a delightful, colourful aesthetic, a varied and adaptive soundtrack, and a fun narrative that takes players on a journey through history and right into space! The positive social messages make for a lovely addition that add to the wholesome feel of the experience, especially as Devcats actually adopt feline friends and practice what they preach in regards to cat rescue! Overall, this is a fantastic game and well worth anyone’s time and money. I highly recommend it to fans of the genre, or anyone looking for something cute and relaxing to play!


You can also watch a playthrough of the previously available demo on our YouTube channel:

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