A Building Full of Cats – A Colourful Hidden Object Game

A Building Full of Cats - Key Art

“To err is human, to purr is feline.” – Robert Byrne


A Building Full of Cats is a colourful and upbeat hidden object game in which every floor is filled with feline friends. Players must discover all of them but be warned, some are sneakier than others!

Developer: Devcats
Released: 7th July 2022
Price: £1.65

Platform: Windows, Linux
Available on: Steam
Engine: Unknown

This game is being reviewed as part of the Indie Game Collective (IGC) showcase.

A Building Full of Cats Screenshot - First Floor Hidden Cats


The titular building has five floors full of cats to find. Each one has fifty cats that are hidden in plain sight plus ten that can’t be seen without exploring the environment more fully, opening drawers, vents and curtains amongst other things to discover their stealth locations. There is also another cat that when clicked on will run and hide again, it needs to be found 2-3 times per floor before it counts as fully discovered. The roof is also available as a bonus area and has 15 regular cats to find plus the elusive singular cat that appears in each previous level.

A Building Full of Cats utilises simple mouse-only controls and has very casual gameplay with no timers or penalties, however, all of the main 60 cats in each level need to be found in order to progress and there is no hint system available. Some cats are quite easy to find but others are tiny or obscured and much trickier to find. The game definitely provides a bit of a challenge and the last cat on each floor always feels particularly unattainable but the overall experience is both relaxing and highly satisfying.

A Building Full of Cats Screenshot - Save the Earth Floor

Narrative and Styling

The player finds themselves accepting a job offer to look after a building full of cats and must start by finding them all. This is as far as the narrative goes but the game does not require more, its fun themes and gratifying gameplay are more than enough to make the experience fun.

A Building Full of Cats has a very jolly, colourful, cartoon aesthetic. The cute hand-drawn illustrations consist solely of detailed linework on a colourful background with cats being filled in with colour as they are discovered. The regular and hidden cats will be filled with different colours from each other and the colours used varies to match the theme of each floor. The eclectic and jovial music also matches each floor, for example on the ‘cats are mystical’ floor there is eerie woodwind and twinkling noises whereas the ‘cats rock’ floor’s music featured bass guitar and keyboard.

A Building Full of Cats Screenshot - Save the Earth Floor Inside


Overall, A Building full of Cats is a jolly and enjoyable game, the audio and visual aspects match the theme perfectly and are an absolute highlight. It will take around an hour or so to play and is a very relaxed and satisfying experience that is easy to recommend, especially given the low price!


You can also watch a full playthrough of A Building Full of Cats on the Indie Hive YouTube channel:

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