Meowing Point – Hidden Cats! First Project from Solo Dev Yofransico

Meowing Point - Key Art

“But there was a kitten on my pillow, and it was purring in my face and vibrating gently with every purr, and, very soon, I slept.” – Neil Gaiman


Meowing Point is a cute 3D hidden cat game from solo developer Yofransico. It is the creator’s first project and was originally made for a friend. Players must find and rescue hundreds of hidden cats that have been turned to stone.

Developer: Yofransico
Released: 30th October 2023
Price: £5.62

Platforms: Windows, Mac
Available on: Steam,
Engine: Godot


The main aspect of gameplay in Meowing Point is to find the many cats dotted throughout the fairly sizable map. Some are sat in plain sight whereas others need to be searched for more meticulously. There are multiple different areas in which to search but this is not the easiest thing to do. Within each 3D space, the camera can be moved but is at a fixed angle which feels cumbersome and makes the areas feel a bit flat. Transitioning to a new area feels slow and on occasion caused the game to freeze for a few moments.

Meowing Points expands on the simple hidden object game by adding extra activities, and achievements (on Steam). An example of such is collecting bottles in order to buy seeds, which, in combination with other items, can be grown into a sunflower. There is no indication in-game of these additional tasks however and it seems they can only really be discovered by clicking on random objects to see if anything happens. Nonetheless, this is a fun premise that could elevate the overall experience. Unfortunately, the clunkiness of navigating each scene and the slow transition between areas make trying to complete the activities a little arduous at times.

Meowing Point Screenshot - Sunflowers

Narrative and Styling

There are little to no narrative elements in Meowing Point besides the player saving the cats as they have mysteriously been turned to stone. However, there are some nice touches such as all the cats having individual names and being pettable! Additionally, some of the extra activities and achievements add an extra layer of interest to an otherwise basic premise.

The game’s scenery includes subtle references to the developer’s home town in Australia giving the game a personal touch. The visuals consist of low-poly, 3D models, slightly muted colour palettes and an intense film grain effect which gives the game a somewhat retro feel. This is mirrored by the music, which while pleasant as stand-alone pieces, does not always suit the style of gameplay. The tracks range from suitably serene and relaxing to much more intense and dramatic. There are also only a small number of tracks, all of which are quite short, leading to some repetition. On finding a cat, a cute meow plays, which is a delightful little touch.

Meowing Point Screenshot - Fruit


Meowing Point is an ambitious but enjoyable game, and very impressive as the developer’s first solo project. The hidden object aspect is well implemented and a lot of fun though more direction or hints would be a nice addition to the other activities rather than just have the player stumble across them. The aesthetic is unique and has a subtle retro feel to it and the visuals suit the style of the game well. The music is very nice, though some tracks fit better than others and there was some repetition. The clunkiness of the controls and navigation is probably the game’s weakest area and does put a bit of a dampener on an otherwise enjoyable experience. Currently, this game needs a bit more polish to justify its price tag. That being said, it is a cute, fun game with a decent amount of potential. On the game’s store page, the developer talks about working on additional areas, secrets, and polishing which is highly promising and certainly means that this is one to keep an eye on.

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