Samorost 2 – A Uniquely Stylised Point-and-Click Adventure

Samorost 2 - Key Art

“Stars, everywhere. So many stars that I could not for the life me understand how the sky could contain them all yet be so black.” – Peter Watts


Samorost 2 is the sequel to its shorter, free predecessor Samorost 1. It is a delightful, stylised point-and-click puzzle game that follows an adorable space gnome after his dog is stolen by aliens.

Developer: Amanita Design
Released: 10th December 2009
Price: £1.69 – £3.99

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Available on: Steam,, GOG, Google Play, App Store
Engine: Adobe AIR

Samorost 2 Screenshot - Ship


Samorost 2 is a classic point-and-click game with mouse-only controls. The puzzles are not too challenging though do require accurate timing on a couple of occasions. The majority of the problems can be solved logically but unfortunately, in some instances, the player is left clicking on different items randomly in the hope of finding a solution that is not indicated in any way through the visuals or gameplay. Despite this, the majority of the experience is charming and quite satisfying.

Samorost 2 Screenshot - Crash Landing


At only 60 – 90 minutes long, Samorost 2 is a fairly short game and has a simple narrative. The space gnome protagonist goes off in search of his pet dog after it is kidnapped by aliens. This is a fun little adventure and of course, further problems ensue such as running out of fuel. The narrative is not the main focus of the experience but helps immerse the player in the game and adds a bit of extra motivation to solve the puzzles and progress.

Samorost 2 Screenshot - Snail


Samorost 2 features some wonderful hand-drawn art and scenery that appears to be made up of close-up photos of natural objects. The colour palettes are somewhat muted with hints of vibrancy and some very atmospheric lighting. The uniquely stylised visuals are definitely a highlight of this charming little game. The music is very varied for such a short game and ranges from mysteriously jaunty to quite ethereal. There are also some lovely sound effects with the noises of the protagonist being especially cute!

Samorost 2 Screenshot - Alien


Samorost 2 is an original and fun experience and a fine example of the somewhat unconventional games of Amanita Design. It can easily be completed in one sitting and has a lot to offer. The stylised, hand-drawn visuals are a stand-out feature of the game and really help to bring to simple but charming narrative to life. The puzzles, despite a few confusing moments, are quite satisfying for the most part, and provide a low level of challenge that helps give the experience a casual feel without becoming dull. I’d definitely recommend this title to fans of point-and-click game but for those who are unsure, the first installment is free and can be completed in about 15 minutes so is a great way to test the water!

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