RiME Review – Out of this World

RiME Featured Image

Developer: Tequila Works
Released: May 2017
Price: $29.99

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Available on: GOG, Steam, Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, eShop
Engine: Unreal Engine


RiME is a highly stylized puzzle platformer in which you play as a young boy who ends up on a mysterious island. Aided by a friendly magical fox, you work on finding a way out of the island while also learning about how you ended up there.


The game consists of a variety of large terrain and landscapes with puzzles everywhere. These puzzles can be simple “find the key to the door” affairs, or more difficult ones that require several steps to solve. Most of the puzzles utilize the boy’s shout ability to activate magical items that emit energy, making RiME unique and more engaging as a puzzler. The boy can climb and jump across ledges with relative ease similar to the Assassin’s Creed games, which when combined with the puzzles and unique Mediterranean style setting, makes RiME a pleasure to play as a puzzle game or as a platforming game.

The boy facing a huge energy ball which he must shout at to activate in RiME.
The boy facing a huge energy ball which he must shout at to activate.

RiME’s world is ripe with collectible secrets that you can search and find, hidden in every nook and cranny. While some collectibles are obvious, others require obsessive searching and attention to detail, making the game perfect for completionists and explorers. There are also plenty of achievements for GOG Galaxy and Steam, although most of them are secret.

Styling and Audio

The game prides itself on its beautiful environments and the charming, stylized, cartoon-like art. RiME manages to perfectly capture the ethereal nature of its setting through its minimalist look combined with realistic shadows and small details. Visual cues are utilized for the puzzles which makes them easy to identify at a glance, such as golden objects for perspective-based problems.

The magically awesome world in addition to helpful cues such as the usage of gold colors to hint at perspective puzzles allows RiME to be a delightful feast for players.

An entrance to some mysterious place in RiME
A keyhole to some mysterious place!

The game makes great use of cutscenes to convey how the characters feel as they continue their journey, complemented by a melancholy and environmental soundtrack. While not densely populated, several creatures both passive and hostile such as hogs, birds, and jellyfish give the world a breath of life.

In Conclusion

Screenshot of the stairs leading up to the Tower in RiME.
So close to the tower looming over the island!

RiME is a beautiful explorative journey that will keep you engaged with its setting, challenges, and scenery. It works quite well as either a platformer or as a puzzle game, making it ideal for fans of both genres.  I wholeheartedly recommend it at full price or on sale, whichever is preferable to you.

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