Murder is Game Over: Deal Killer – The Third Instalment

Murder is Game Over Deal Killer- Key Art

“Nobody’s ever been arrested for a murder; they have only ever been arrested for not planning it properly.” – Terry Hayes


Murder is Game Over: Deal Killer, the sequel to both Murder is Game Over and Murder is Game Over: Streaming Death is an intriguing detective game set in an isolated hotel in the Italian mountains.

Developer: HitherYon Games
Released: 6th February 2024
Price: £3.99 – £4.29

Platforms: Windows
Available on: Steam, GOG, Epic,
Engine: RPG Maker

Murder is Game Over Deal Killer Screenshot - Hotel Arrival


Detective Guy and his trusty clue-sniffing dog Cleo are summoned to the Cresta di Montagna Hotel in the heights of the Italian mountain, 10km from the nearest town to help William Kramer I, a powerful businessman who has received a death threat. Shortly after arriving, however, he is found murdered and it is up to the detective duo to find the killer amongst the hotel’s guests, all there to celebrate a major corporate deal but secretly harbouring potential motives for the killing. There’s also the local legend that the hotel is haunted by ‘the white lady’ to contend with!

The story is told largely through dialogue but also through clues and evidence that are found throughout the game. It is a well-written tale full of red herrings and fun revelations.

Murder is Game Over Deal Killer Screenshot - Map


In Murder is Game Over: Deal Killer the investigation is the key objective and the main mechanic is the ability to switch between playing as Guy or Cleo depending on the task at hand. Cleo can sniff out clues that a human would be unable to detect and Guy can talk to each of the eight suspects and interrogate them about events and evidence that has been found. This installment also adds a disguise mechanic allowing Detective Guy to dress up in one of three outfits to elicit further responses from certain suspects. There is a short turn-based combat section, but this is rather unchallenging and does not utilise strategy or tactics making it a little underwhelming.

There is a detailed map available as well as hints to help players along the way. There is a lot of information to keep track of, luckily a list of clues and suspects can be found in the case file. The game uses straightforward, intuitive controls, it does have full controller support but all the instructions list keyboard and mouse buttons. Extra elements include doggy bag collectables and achievements (depending on the platform) which add another layer of fun to the experience.

Murder is Game Over Deal Killer Screenshot - Combat


Murder is Game Over: Deal Killer features retro styling with moderately detailed pixel art that uses muted colour palettes with subtle pops of colour and warm, atmospheric lighting. The game is set entirely within the hotel and its immediate grounds so there is not too much variety in terms of setting but the available locations are depicted well and provide a fitting backdrop for the investigation. The suspect’s memories are depicted in black and white which gives them a dream-like quality and nicely distinguishes them from the present. The character art, both in-game and in dialogue boxes is a particular highlight, with the latter having more detail and adding to the level of characterisation.

The soundtrack includes a nice range of tracks, from retro electronic numbers to eerie female vocals that, along with the different sound effects, really help to set the scene and immerse the player in the experience.

Murder is Game Over Deal Killer Screenshot - Memories


Murder is Game Over: Deal Killer is another great murder mystery game from HitherYon Games and is enjoyable both as a sequel or a standalone title. It will take around 2-3 hours to play and is very reasonably priced for what it offers. The story is intriguing, well-constructed and delivered at a good pace, allowing the player to explore and gather information building suspense throughout the investigation. The mix of traditional detective story with light supernatural elements is a gripping combination with plenty of misdirection to keep players interested. The retro styling is in keeping with the previous games and is well-suited to the narrative and style of gameplay. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the game and I would happily recommend it (and its prequels) to fans of casual interactive murder mysteries.

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