Lego: Builder’s Journey – Playful Puzzles and Delightful Dioramas!

Lego Builders Journey - Key Art

“Where we’re standing right now, in the ruins in the dark, what we build could be anything.” – Chuck Palahniuk


Lego: Builder’s Journey is a delightful geometric puzzle game based on the timeless toy that has entertained people of all ages for decades!

Developer: Light Brick Studio
Released: 19th December 2019
Price: £15.99 – £17.99

Platforms: Windows, Apple Arcade, Switch, PS4/5
Available On: Steam, Epic, App Store, eShop, PlayStation
Engine: Unity

Note: Despite exceeding the minimum PC specs listed on Steam the game ran at 20fps on the lowest settings. As a result, this review is based on the game’s Classic Mode.

Lego Builders Journey Screenshot - Campfire


Lego: Builder’s Journey is primarily a puzzle game wherein the player must create a path for a little Lego block character to cross a small 3D diorama. By obtaining bricks in various ways, interacting with the world and building things, the character can navigate obstacles and overcome dangers in order to progress.

The mechanics vary, with things such as colour-matching blocks, creating skate ramps, and operating machinery all coming into play and helping to keep the gameplay interesting. In addition, the dioramas gradually become more intricate and involved, this all creates a slight difficulty curve though the game never gets especially challenging and remains a relaxing experience throughout. Lucky, since there is no help or hint system to be found in the game.

Lego Builders Journey Screenshot - Skating

Narrative and Styling

The game’s narrative follows a parent and child that get separated and are trying to find each other once again. It is told through the gameplay and visuals as the game has no text or dialogue outside of the menus. The story is not overly intricate but it does manage to present a few subtly emotive little moments that really elevate the experience.

Lego: Builder’s Journey uses a colourful 3D art style with vibrant, atmospheric lighting. The dioramas are varied, depicting a range of locations such as cosy outdoor settings and dark, ominous caves in Lego pieces. The music is similarly varied, matching the different settings and the narrative. It ranges from gentle piano music, and ethereal droning to moodier tracks that convey the drama of certain scenes. The ambient sound effects such as water dripping or machinery whirring add to the experience by helping to bring the dioramas to life.

Lego Builders Journey Screenshot - Machinery


Lego: Builder’s Journey is a great little puzzle game and story mode will take around 2-3 hours to complete, it can be played in one sitting or broken into smaller play sessions. There is also a creative mode available for those who wish to keep playing! The game offers cute 3D visuals, atmospheric sound design and satisfying puzzles alongside nostalgic Lego styling and play. The loose narrative adds an element of interest and the gently moving scenes help make the experience a little more meaningful. I really enjoyed the casual gameplay and would happily recommend this game to fans of puzzles or Lego as well as anyone looking for a cute, laid-back game to enjoy with a cup of tea.

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