Goosey Guess – A Loosely Goose-Themed Guessing Game

Goosey Guess- Key Art

“Guessing what is possible or what is not is a fool’s game, the possibility is as infinite as your imagination.” – Steven Redhead


Goosey Guess is a goose-themed guessing game. Players must guess how many tens or hundreds of a specific item fall into a container while a goose waddles nonchalantly around the room!

Developer: Gas Lantern Games
Released: 14th July 2023
Price: £5.89

Platforms: Windows
Available on: Steam
Engine: Unity

Goosey Guess Screenshot - Pins in a Cup plus Goose Patterned Cushion


Gooset Guess has quite a simple premise overall. Players look on as a specific type of object is dropped into a random container, after which they must guess the number of items within it. Items include things such as mints, corks, pins, and bouncy balls and containers can be anything from a chalice to a takeaway container or a saucepan as well as many other options.

The game has four difficulty options, simple, moderate, challenging and goosey, with the containers getting bigger and the items more plentiful and the difficulty increases. Additionally, in goosey mode it is not possible to hide the container, a mechanic that is freely available in the other three difficulty settings and allows the player to make the container invisible, allowing a better look at the items inside. Goosey Guess also has three different play modes, free play in which the player can completely customise the game, practice, which provides randomised levels for the player to train in, and leaderboard, which is exactly as it sounds!

Goosey Guess Screenshot - Scoring

Narrative and Styling

Gooset Guess has no narrative elements to speak of beyond its extremely subtle goose-theming which is limited to a goose that wanders the scene, goose-patterned decor such as cushions in the background, a difficulty mode called ‘goosey’ and a goose scene for the loading screen image.

The 3D visuals are clean, using simple models and minimal textures with a mix of muted and vibrant colours to create simple environments and scenes with minimal field of view. There are currently two settings, kitchen and living room. The original soundtrack, composed by Kevin Namikata, is a highlight of the game and features energetic acoustic guitar, dramatic strings, upbeat brass and slightly ominous piano tracks. There is a relatively huge amount of variety in the music and it makes a great accompaniment to the gameplay.

Goosey Guess Screenshot - Tacks in a Takeaway Container plus Goose


Overall, Goosey Guess is a fun little game but it has it does have limitations in terms of entertainment value. It is definitely best played in short bursts with a tea break and is not well suited to extended play sessions due to repetition. The price tag is currently a bit steep for the amount of content available but the developers have already publicised an update plan promising various additions. This game will not appeal to everyone but I’d recommend this to anyone that really likes guessing games or those looking for a casual game that can be used to fill 10-15 minute breaks here and there.

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