Exorcise demons from…breakfast in #Breakforcist!

#Breakforcist - Featured Image

Developer: Lucid Sheep Games
Released: 27 March 2017
Price: Free

Platforms: Android, iOS
Available on: Google Play, Apple Store
Engine: Unity


#Breakforcist is a free casual, arcade mix of bubble shooting and brick breaker games for mobile devices, with a unique theme based on possessed breakfast, exorcism, and a demon named “Howdy”!


By holding the bottom of the screen, you control a paddle and ensure that your “pancakes” don’t go all the way down, and hit possessed waffle blocks, just like classic brick breaker games. The twist is that these blocks are rapidly descending, and if they make it to the bottom of the screen, it’s game over! While letting the pancakes fall off the screen won’t cause you to lose instantly, it will bring the waffles closer to the bottom and thus, bring you closer to getting a game over.

#Breakforcist - Multiball Powerup
Multiple pancakes!

To help with exorcising the cursed waffles, the levels are packed with bombs that clear chunks of blocks and set back the lowering walls, as well as multiple power-ups such as giant balls, freezing the waffles’ descend, and even shooting lasers from your paddle!

#Breakforcist is perfect for very short sessions taking up five to ten minutes each, as the waffle blocks speed up in later levels. It also encourages you to master its mechanics by awarding you with points based on speed, combo, and style. The game also includes objectives, which lets you unlock songs and other stuff!

#Breakforcist - Danger incoming
Danger incoming!!

Artstyle and Audio

#Breakforcist is a vibrant and delightful fiesta. With colors that pop out and enticing breakfast, the game’s pleasing eye-candy style art goes well with other food-based mobile games such as Candy Crush Saga.

The soundtrack is a collection of electronic pop tracks composed by Pete Ellison. They’re very upbeat and fast-paced, though their tempo speeds up when you’re at risk of a game over, which does add to the sense of urgency but not ideal for listening during gameplay.

#Breakforcist - Game Over
This is my highscore. Surely you can do better!

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a casual, quick five-minute game on the train or in between trains, #Breakforcist not only fills that demand but does it without charging you any fees or showing you ads. In addition to the traditional brick-breaking game with higher stakes and more action, you get a snazzy selection of tracks and colorful art!

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