Four Completely Free Android Games

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It’s hard to find a decent game on Google Play. But behind the monetized match-three games and the ad-supported models, there are gems you can find on Google Play assuming you know where to look for them, completely free. But first, let’s define what I mean by completely free.

  • It must be free to download.
  • There must be no ads.
  • There must be no in-app purchases. Donations are fine if they don’t unlock rewards.

Bonus points if the games

  • Require as little permissions as possible. I will be listing them for the sake of clarity.
  • Do not need Google Play Games to function. Games that claim to need it but otherwise function fine will be listed as “nags for it.”

Without further ado, these are a few games I believe to fit the above criteria.


Screenshot of Antiyoy

Permissions requested: None
Google Play Games dependency:

Antiyoy is a game by Yiotoro that is like Slay. You take the helm of several countries, building units and buildings to eventually conquer the enemies’ lands, or in some cases, try to get them on your side with negotiations. The gameplay is much more complicated than it looks, and it’s easy to fail if you don’t strategize well. A single game only takes a few minutes to complete. You can read our full review of the game here!

Time Turner

Screenshot of Time Turner

Permissions requested: None
Google Play Games dependency:
Nags for it

Time Turner is a puzzle game by One Pixel Developers where the puzzles are not solvable without thinking into the future, by coordinating your “past” self with what you would do with your “future” self through using crystals, by correctly coordinating and timing your movements to complete the levels. 

Fast like a Fox

Screenshot of Fast Like a Fox

Permissions requested: Storage (no idea when it is requested)
Google Play Games dependency:

Developed by WayBefore Ltd., Fast like a Fox is a runner game where you speed through the landscape, obtaining coins, emeralds and attempting to beat the levels under a target time. You can play with touch controls, with the left side for jumping and right for running, or you could play with the “tap” controls which involves tapping the back of the screen – something I didn’t find intuitive, but the game is well off with touch controls.

Super Tux Kart

Image of Super Tux Kart on Android

Permissions requested: Storage (no idea when it is requested)
Google Play Games dependency: None

SuperTuxKart (F-Droid, developer’s website) is an open source racing game made possible by several contributors, which originally started as the abandoned TuxKart project. SuperTuxKart is a testament to the strength of open source, taking an old game and changing it until it became a better and bigger product. In addition to its default set of racetracks and characters (who are mascots of other open source projects), you can download addons for new tracks, arenas and characters. You can even play online. All of this for free! Also available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

In conclusion

I hope you enjoyed my list of completely free Android games. Do you have any suggestions or know a free game that I don’t know about? Leave a comment and let everyone know!

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