Sword Slinger Review – Slaying Goblins Magically

Sword Slinger Featured Image

Developer: Firebelley
Released: 20th October 2020
Price: $4.99

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac
Available on: itch.io, Steam
Engine: Godot


Sword Slinger is an upcoming fantasy, puzzle, physics-based game by Firebelley, an indie game developer based out of Northeastern Ohio. Based on the idea of “linking small behavior blocks to create clever or complex solutions,” you attempt to kill goblins with a floating magic sword by using magic blocks telling it what to do!


Sword Slinger is composed of two phases: the setup, and the execution. In the former phase, you create “magic blocks” that make use of event triggers to execute certain wacky actions. For instance, you can ‘throw’ the sword at any angle, any speed, and with any spin applied. The first set of behavior blocks may seem fairly normal but quickly turns outlandish with triggers for sword bounces, and shooting arrows! Once you’re done setting up the sword’s route, you click the Play button and watch it magically execute your actions. The game gives you a lot of freedom by allowing you to create whatever magic blocks you like without limit, though it rewards minimizing repetition of actions with “Glorious” level ratings.

Sword Slinger - Level 8
1. Throw sword, 2. throw sword after bouncing off wall!

Unlike most physics-based games, there is little to no unpredictable elements, meaning that you will always get the same results given the same parameters, eliminating a lot of frustration. This choice of gameplay design is extremely enjoyable, as it allows you to try, refine, and optimize your actions until you manage to get the goblins.

Artstyle and Audio

Graphically, the game isn’t much of a looker, using its simple monochrome graphics in a very retro and utilitarian way, though there are colors for things such as the interface or blood. Despite this, the animation was surprisingly fluid, making goblin-slaying a bit more delightful. The music isn’t much of an earworm either, but admittedly it is more fast-paced and energetic than the usual puzzle game soundtrack.

Sword Slinger - Level 13
Yes, this was all planned.

In Conclusion

The freedom Sword Slinger gives you to create and develop solutions, or find new ones, is a fresh and unparalleled experience. If you’re looking for a quick physics-based fix, the game is an instant recommendation with its low price and fifty levels of magic sword slinging!

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