New Patreon Perk and 5 Code Giveaway!

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As a thank you to our existing Patreon supporters and in conjunction with our current giveaway we have added an extra perk to the Honey Farmer patron tier!

Anybody supporting the Hive for $3 or more per month will now get double entry into all of our Discord server giveaways in addition to the existing perks of an exclusive server role and weekly early access articles!

Perks will be immediately applicable and double-entry for Honey Farmers will be applicable to our current five code giveaway for the newly released Big Drunk Satanic Massacre – lewd-icrous, top-down shooter!

You can find out more about Big Drunk Satanic Massacre and the giveaway in our review of the game. Closing date for this giveaway is Thursday 17th October – you will need to be a member of our Discord server – which you can join here!

Thank you again to all new and existing patrons – your support enables us to keep producing content for our ad-free website!

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