Big Drunk Satanic Massacre – Review and Giveaway!

BDSM: Big Drunk Satanic Massacre Title

“Believe me, eternity in the company of Beelzebub and all his hellish instruments of death will be a picnic compared to five minutes with me – and THIS pencil.” – Blackadder III

Developer: Big Way Games
Released: 10th October 2019 (PS4 & Switch, 11th October 2019 (Steam)
Price: £15.49 (Steam) £24.99 (PS4), £26.99 (Switch)

Platforms: PC, Mac, Switch, PS4
Available on: Steam, Nintendo, Playstation
Engine: Unity

This article discusses a game that features mature content.


Big Drunk Satanic Massacre (BDSM) is a lewd-icrous, top-down shooter with strong RPG elements. The player takes the role of Satan’s son, Lou, who must save hell from the settled human invaders, kill the demon traitors that allowed it, oh . . . and find a top-notch mistress! Unsurprisingly, the game has been rated 18 and is intended for mature audiences.

BDSM Bar Screenshot
Starting the game in Butcher’s Bar


The game consists of four chapters taking part in different sections of Hell, such as the hellish Big Wack burger joint, Skeleton Slums and of course, the Red Light District. Each chapter contains a heap of hectic combat and ends with a unique, multistage boss fight.

The player has a choice of up to 6 weapons and a powerful ‘rage’ ability which is replenished by collecting orbs that can drop from enemies along with currency and ammo. Lou’s health is replenished by drinking alcohol, which can be stored in limited quantities. Additionally, there are 3 magical abilities, including a shield, that can be found in the game, these are single-use and can only be stored one at a time. Max health, ammo storage, alcohol storage and rage are all upgradeable with skill points earned while playing and weapon upgrades can be bought from demonic vendors.

There are some other more random elements to the gameplay, for instance, less than ten minutes into the game, I approached a succubus to enquire about job opportunities in hell (as you do) and found myself being propositioned for sex. This consisted of actual mechanics (rhythmic button bashing) and rewarded me with my first skill point!

BDSM Sex Mechanics Screenshot
First introduction to romantic dalliances and the required mechanics


Big Drunk Satanic Massacre’s art style is nice, nothing especially interesting but it looked clean, and worked well with the top-down visuals, with enemies and items all being easy to see. Additionally, the cutscenes and loading screens feature some interesting, more cartoon-like artwork in a painterly style which adds some variation.

The game music was interesting, the style changed throughout the games’ chapters but maintained an underlying metal feel which provided consistency and added to the overall tone of the game. The sound effects were varied, well-implemented and just a little bit racy at times!

Fighting El Roico, one of the game’s bosses


I played a review copy of the game, meaning that it is subject to changes prior to its full release but overall, Big Drunk Satanic Massacre was an enjoyable experience. The game has multi-faceted, fast-paced combat, some limited character skill customisation and a range of RPG elements. This is all mixed with crass, crude humour so ridiculously sexualised and over the top that it can’t be mistaken for anything other than the satire that it is. I had fun playing the game, the humour and narrative added an unusual spin to the genre and I’d happily recommend it to non-prudish, top-down shooter fans!

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