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Of the many PC digital storefronts, is unique, acting as a hub for indie game developers and several game jams, including Ludum Dare. With demos, web-based games, full releases and more, there is no shortage of content to enjoy at any time. This Highlights presents four free games to enjoy when you have time to kill!

Photon Highway

Itch Highlights - Photon Highway

Developer: Sirnic
Released: 7th December 2017
Price: Free

Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS
Available on:, Appstore
Engine: Unity

In Photon Highway, you have to drive and make it to the end of the universe. Traverse a high-speed procedurally generated road and avoid obstacles to make it all the way to the final area! Each area is generally about a minute long to run through, but the real challenge lies in dodging all hazards and seeing the sections of road ahead of you.

You can speed up to go through the slower, uneventful sections, and also slow down (but your risk your car “splitting” into two equally fragile copies), but the difficulty lies in turning with the road’s twists and turns, so the camera shows you as much as possible of the highway. You start with one life and can fill up to three as you play, but when you lose all lives, you will restart from the beginning! Needless to say, taking the risk and grazing between two tightly packed spikes is very exhilarating!


Itch Highlights - Hexblade

Developer: Róger Goulart
Released: 8th August 2021
Price: Free

Platforms: Windows, Web
Available on:
Engine: HTML5

So many warriors and mercenaries have never returned from the dungeon where the Blademaster forges powerful swords. Yet you go there anyway in Hexblade, a Boss Rush Jam 2021 submission and a brief game including five bosses. You start the game with only a jump and a swing, but later gain other abilities like double jumping and a slide. But there is a small catch, your sword is cursed and will kill you if you hit your enemies too much and fill up the Curse Bar. You also must defeat the bosses before the torches are extinguished and time is up.

Although the idea is interesting, I never managed to completely fill the Curse Bar, mostly because the bar drains very quickly, and enemies hit and stun you often. The bosses were also mostly simple and had easily avoidable patterns. That said, a big update is planned so there is potential for even more engaging gameplay!

Potion Commotion

Itch Highlights - Potion Commotion

Developer: frozendoze
Released: 4th October 2021
Price: Free

Platforms: Windows
Available on:
Engine: GameMaker

In Potion Commotion, you are an alchemist who sucks at brewing all kinds of potions, except for explosive ones. The Ludum Dare 49 entry requires you to throw potions to propel yourself into the air with blasting momentum onto other platforms, or to clear the way of obstacles. Either way, you can’t just walk across into the goal.

The game is sufficiently and satisfyingly difficult with its myriad of puzzles relying on physics, destructible levels and maneuvering around tight areas. If you’re looking for a serious self-imposed challenge, try beating as much of Potion Commotion as possible without pressing the movement keys!

DuckSoup Dungeon

Itch Highlights - Ducksoup Dungeon

Developer: Richard Lems
Released: 17th October 2016
Price: Free

Platforms: Windows, Web
Available on:
Engine: Construct

Play as one of four different cute critters and brave your way through the darkest depths of DuckSoup Dungeon, released as part of the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge! In the dimly lit rooms and corridors, you will find all sorts of dangerous creatures, such as skeletons, slimes, bats and necromancing lichs, all of whom are ready to outnumber you!

All characters are easily unlockable by simply playing the game for a while and collecting the required number of coins, which can be done in about 15 to 30 minutes. Each character has different abilities, such as Slashchicken’s versatile sword, or Rollerpig’s slow but lethal rolling, meaning there are plenty of gameplay styles. The variety of abilities, combined with the game’s forgiving difficulty, makes it easily accessible to casual players and roguelike veterans alike.

In Conclusion

These were only a small sample of the great games that has on offer. The store is constantly stocked with new releases and updates alike, so be sure to keep an eye out! And in case this Highlights wasn’t enough for you, two of the better ways to find quality titles of various lengths and prices is to check both the new and popular latest games section and the latest fresh games!

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