Dogs Organised Neatly – Like Tetris but Cuter and More Relaxing!

Dogs Organised Neatly - Key Art

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” – Charles M. Schulz


Dogs organised Neatly is an adorable puzzle game and sequel to the 2020 title Cats Organised Neatly! The aim of the game is to arrange different shaped dogs so they completely fill a grid. Simple but satisfying!

Developer: DU & I Games
Released: 1st November 2021
Price: £1.99

Platforms: Windows
Available on: Steam
Engine: GameMaker

This game is being reviewed as part of the Indie Game Collective (IGC) showcase.

Dogs Organised Neatly Screenshot - Level 7


There are eight chapters in Dogs Organised Neatly, each with ten levels making a total of eighty doggo-based puzzles! Players must arrange a selection of different shaped pooches in order to fill a grid. The difficulty increases as the player progresses through the levels, the variety and number of dogs increases and the grids get larger and more obscurely shaped, there are also obstacles placed in some grids – these are usually plants.

As the player completes the different puzzles, more dogs are unlocked. When a new dog is found, its name and some fun information about them are also revealed. There are thirty canine friends to collect and these can be viewed from the game’s menu.

Dogs Organised Neatly uses simple mouse-only controls and despite the uncomplicated nature of the game, it includes a pretty comprehensive tutorial and a slow incline in difficulty across the first chapter. It is very accessible, family-friendly and is fun to play in both longer sessions or as something to dip into while enjoying a cup of tea.

Dogs Organised Neatly Screenshot - New Dog Found


Dogs Organised Neatly has the same simple but incredibly cute cartoon art style as its predecessor. It uses a soothing sepia colour palette and also has a dark mode option. The vast assortment of uniquely styled dogs is a highlight of the game, especially since the player gets to find out a little bit about each one.

The soundtrack is jolly and upbeat and the menu track has a jazzy feel to it. The music helps to create a fun atmosphere but the lack of variety means it does get a little repetitive if playing for longer periods of time.

Dogs Organised Neatly Screenshot - Level 31


Overall, Dogs Organised Neatly is a cute little puzzle game that manages to be very relaxing whilst providing a good level of satisfaction as each conundrum is solved. The artwork is adorable and the dogs’ mini-biographies really help endear the player to the eclectic group of mutts! This charming game will appeal to puzzle and dog enthusiasts alike and is well worth its low price.

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