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This article includes spoilers for the game


On the 18th of this September, after nearly three years since its first installment, Undertale successor Deltarune receives its second chapter out of the currently teased seven. The new release expands on the escapades of the unlikely duo, the human child Kris and bully dragon Susie, as they trek through the magical and whimsical Dark World.

Developer: Toby Fox
Released: Nov 2018
Price: Chapters 1 & 2 free, rest TBA

Platforms: Windows, Mac, PS4, Switch
Available on:, Steam, eShop, PS Store
Engine: Game Maker 2

A brief refresher on Chapter 1

Thanks to Susie’s bullying habits, she and Kris end up in a school closet housing a pocket dimension, the Dark World. There they meet Ralsei and form an unusual alliance, in an effort to end the tyranny of the King of Spades while dealing with the interference of his son, Lancer. The journey through the kingdom has the trio forging friendships and eventually even becoming well-beloved by the populace.

Deltarune - Pocket Lancer
Lancer now pocketable!

Deltarune takes most of Undertale’s mechanics and gameplay style, such as bullet-hell based fights, doing certain ACTs to make the enemy happy or tired, and sparing them. You can try killing the enemies but you’ll only ever see them flee the battle. There are also plenty of puzzles and challenges outside of battle that you can engage in to progress through the game.

Chapter 2 released!

Although fans of the game have waited roughly three years for the release of Deltarune Chapter 2, the new events happen just one day after the previous installment. Susie and Kris, now in doubt that everything they previously witnessed was a dream, decide to entire the school closet again, where they are able to greet their new friends. When they’re done, the duo remembered that Noelle previously asked for their help with her school project at the library. This time, they find that the computer room lab has turned into yet another and completely new Dark World. Once again, the protagonists are on another heartwarming journey of meeting strange new people and helping them!

Deltarune - Virovirokun Battle
Try to spare these viruses with…healthcare!

Although the second chapter doesn’t deviate much from the first in terms of gameplay, the fights are much harder and more elaborate, and there are new mechanics at play. Sparing a number of a certain kind of enemy allows you to “recruit” them as part of Ralsei’s Dark World, but they become non-recruitable if killed. With the overall theme being the internet and the digital world, the chapter goes all-in when it comes to tropes such as spam, adblockers, and cats.

In Conclusion

Even with the long wait, the arrival of Chapter 2 of Deltarune was well worth it. Another wholesome and heartwarming experience, the new release expands on the setting and the overarching lore. Better yet, it was released for free in light of the world being tough for everyone recently. Development on the next three chapters is going along at a faster pace, meaning there will be more coming soon!

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