A Sweet Journey – Find a New Home for Sugar Cubes!

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A Sweet Journey is a short, experimental mobile game produced by Paul-Emile Le Reun, and a Best Student Project finalist for the 2017 Unity Awards. While transported by a van, the sudden emergence of a rabbit in the middle of a cliff side road causes the van to lose control and release plenty of hyperactive, living sugar crates into the wild! Can you find them a nice cozy home?

Developer: ISART Digital International School
Released: 8 August 2017
Price: Free

Platforms: Android
Available on: itch.io, Google Play
Engine: Unity

A Sweet Journey - Tilt to move!
To move the cubes, tilt your phone!

You move them by tilting your phone!

A Sweet Journey has very minimal controls: tilt your phone in the direction you want the cubes to go. The harder you tilt, the faster they go. From there, it’s a matter of navigating as much sugar as you can past hazards and opening more sugar crates. Crates then release more cubes, and if you run out of sugar you will restart at the last crate.

To effectively explore the levels, you will have to take advantage of the physics such as by building up speed or bouncing past environmental dangers. You will also run through gasses which turn your cubes into lightweight, floaty puffs, or a sticky red-hot syrup, both play differently!

Sweet Journey - Syrup mode!
That’s some hot syrup in there. Try getting it out!

That’s very sweet!

Perhaps the best part about A Sweet Journey is its vivid art style. By using plenty of flat, bright colors, and when coupled with the whimsical nature and surroundings, the game’s visuals are pleasing to look at. The sounds, especially the cube’s excited voices, are also pretty nice.

Although A Sweet Journey is short and would take about 15 minutes to complete, each level contains the letters for the word SUGAR, and trying to grab them will take a few attempts, extending the playtime for the game by a bit. Each letter unlocks a piece of artwork accessible from the main menu! In addition, you can always try to beat your record time and highscores.

Sweet Journey - Puffy sugar
Happy looking sugar puffs!

In Conclusion

A Sweet Journey may be a fairly short and experimental mobile game, but it is extremely pleasing to look at and play. If you have a few minutes of free time, you can’t go wrong with this endearing experience! Plus, if you’re feeling up to a challenge, you can try your hand at collecting the letters!

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