Zooplop – Simple, Wholesome Fun with Cute Animals!

Zooplop - Key Art

“Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem.” – A.A. Milne


Zooplop is a simple, physics-based puzzle game in which players drop animals onto each other in order to merge them and create new creatures!

Developer: Venturous
Released: 13th December 2023
Price: £2.49

Platforms: Windows
Available on: Steam
Engine: Construct

Zooplop - Rotation


Zooplop has a simple but entertaining premise. Players must drop animals from a mechanical claw into a container with the aim of merging two identical animals into a new, bigger one. The animals range from as small as a mouse, to cats, penguins and even a whale! Every time two animals join together a meter is filled slightly, when it is completely full the player can rotate the container. This often causes more animals to join together and creates more space. Space is important as the game will only end when the container is full.

The gameplay is straightforward but very satisfying and strangely addictive. This is in part because of the inclusion of high scores and a leaderboard which add a competitive element, both with oneself and other players.

Zooplop - Rotation

Narrative and Styling

The game has no narrative and instead focuses on its gameplay and styling which are both very well implemented. Zooplop boasts a simple but colourful 2D art style, with bold, rounded shapes and no harsh outlines. This gives the game a playful and clean aesthetic that is very easy on the eyes. The different animals are also incredibly cute and add a whimsical feel to the experience.

The soundtrack, by HelloComics, is fun and upbeat and has a somewhat jaunty feel with a moderate pace. It sits comfortably in the background and adds to the casual feel of the game without being too mellow. However, there is not much variation and the music can get a little repetitive if playing for longer periods of time. The sound effects are also quite delightful, especially the jolly popping noises that occur when animals merge.

Zooplop - Getting Full


While Zooplop may seem very simple on the surface but in fact it offers satisfying physics-based gameplay that is surprisingly gripping. The mechanics are straightforward but highly satisfying and provide a lot of fun. The colourful visuals work perfectly with the style of play and the animals are really quite adorable. The music is lively and upbeat, if a little limited, but the sound effects are a lot of fun and really add to the overall feel of the experience. Overall, I think this is a really enjoyable game available for a great little price. It surpassed my expectations and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something to play in short sessions, or on a tea break.

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