Yet Another Exhausting Day – Review

Yet Another Exhausting Day

Created in Unity and made by Candleman Games, Yet Another Exhausting Day makes moving around a hysterical struggle. The goal of the game is to traverse isometric levels and collect coins. Sounds simple, right? Sure, but don’t let your head touch that pillow, or you’ll fall asleep and lose all your coins!

Yet Another Exhausting Day takes a basic concept and executes it extremely well. The physics in the game essentially make the player a rag doll where they have to roll, scooch, climb, slide, and tumble around common rooms.

Yet Another Exhausting Day Screenshot
An early level in Yet Another Exhausting Day.

The progression from one room to the next is a matter of picking up a key and ramming your head, key first, against the door. The first few levels teach the mechanics to the player and show what happens when player contact with a pillow or any object that has “Zzzzz” symbols buzzing out from them. One such object is a radio that emits a blue bubble of noise, playing a part of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

If the player is unlucky enough to let their head touch a sleep-inducing object, then they drop a portion of their coins around them as they fall asleep. The screen turns blue with a sleepy shimmer effect across it, leaving the player unable to move during this mild haze.

Yet Another Exhausting Day Screenshot
Yet Another Exhausting Day Screenshot

Updates and Upgrades

After learning the basics, the player can buy upgrades and customize their character in specific locations. For instance, the Dressing Room allows for character customization, while the Superpower Lab grants upgrades to movement abilities. Players can switch genders and select the color of each piece of clothing on their character for free. Accessories can be purchased, but these cost coins collected in-game. The same is true for upgrades. The latest update to the game featured the addition of capes, which I bought immediately. My player became Superman, scooching forward with a useless mug in one hand.

Yet Another Exhausting Day Screenshot
The in-game customization of the player.

Another mechanic that adds to the absurdity of the game is that players can use the ‘S’ key to bash their head against breakable objects. This action is often required to progress in rooms, taking headbanging to a whole new level. It is also useful for acquiring more coins as they typically drop after breaking an object.

New updates for the game appear to roll out regularly with devlogs to accompany them. This type of feedback between players and developers makes for refined gameplay. As far as I could tell, I experienced no bugs in the game.


Yet Another Exhausting Day is a classic example of, “easy to learn but hard to master” type of game, revealing its ability for depth as players progress. Everything from the physics involved to the sound effects and music are well executed and show an eye for detail. Plus, it’s weirdly addicting for how simple it is.

Who Should Play?

Players who want a challenging yet relaxing game that doesn’t take itself too seriously should consider this game.

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