Wide Ocean Big Jacket – A Very Casual Camping Adventure

Wide Ocean Big Jacket - Key Art

“…my dreams are tangled in images of stars and clouds and firelight – we go camping at night – it’s my lucid dream of being with you…” – John Geddes


Wide Ocean Big Jacket is a very casual camping adventure starring Uncle Brad, Aunt Cloanne, their niece Mord and her boyfriend Ben. Players can explore, engage in meaningful conversations and interact with the campsite.

Developer: Turnfollow
Released: 4th February 2020
Price: £5.79 – £6.29

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Switch
Available on: Steam, itch.io, eShop
Engine: Unity

Wide Ocean Big Jacket Screenshot - Brad


Wide Ocean Big Jacket features fairly minimal gameplay. Players can explore and interact with the campsite in a limited and linear way whilst having sporadic conversations with each of the four characters. The game is played in third person and the player controls all of the characters throughout the game. Activities to engage in include things such as making hot dogs, birdwatching, and telling scary stories around the campfire! The small range of mechanics is implemented largely through simple movement controls and pressing a single button to interact or progress dialogue. It is not challenging in any way but offers a relaxing and casual experience.

Wide Ocean Big Jacket Screenshot - Birdwatching


The game’s narrative is delivered almost entirely through dialogue between the four characters. Whilst the game itself has a very casual feel, some of the conversations do touch on more serious or mature subjects such as consent, alcohol, and whether or not to have children. The various exchanges between Brad, Cloanne, Mord and Ben are the highlight of Wide Ocean Big Jacket and feel quite poignant at times. This adds meaning to the game without allowing it to become too heavy overall.

Wide Ocean Big Jacket Screenshot - Dialogue


Wide Ocean Big Jacket features a 3D environment depicted in a 2D art style. All the shapes and colours are flat, giving it the appearance of a paper collage which suits the laid-back nature of the game quite well. The colour palettes are mostly muted and pastel shades but there is an element of vibrancy that gives life to the different scenes along with some quite atmospheric lighting in places. The music is similarly relaxing using gentle piano and acoustic guitar (amongst other instruments) to create a melodic and low-tempo soundtrack that matches the pace of the gameplay. Atmospheric and effective ambient sound effects such as footsteps on the sand, and the birds chirping help to immerse the player in this camping adventure.

Wide Ocean Big Jacket Screenshot - Beach


Wide Ocean Big Jacket’s minimal gameplay and slow pace will not appeal to everyone but its charming aesthetic and engaging dialogue are highlights that are sure to satisfy anyone looking for a truly laid-back experience. It will take around 60-90 minutes to complete and is an ideal game to relax with and enjoy a nice hot cup of tea.

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