Toilet Chronicles: Part 1 – A Bizarre Bathroom Adventure!

Toilet Chronicles Part 1 - Key Art

“No matter how busy and important you think you are, you cannot reject nature’s call.” Michael Bassey Johnson


Toilet Chronicles: Part 1 is a casual comedy-horror puzzle adventure in which players find themselves trapped inside a public bathroom and must find a way to escape!

Developer: Madi Abdykarimov
Released: 14th July 2022
Price: £6.69

Platforms: Windows
Available on: Steam,
Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Toilet Chronicles Part 1 Screenshot - In the Cubicle


Toilet Chronicles: Part 1 has a simple narrative premise, the player is trapped inside a bathroom and must find their way back to the party they have left. It is set in 2008 although this is simply stated at the beginning of the game and there is not much indication of this in the gameplay or scenery itself. There is a mild horror element to the experience but this is also presented with a comedic touch and there are psychological horror elements or jump scares. There are plenty of pop culture references to be found, however, including, Spongebob, Sonic, Kill Bill and Breaking Bad to name a few!

Toilet Chronicles Part 1 Screenshot - Note


Toilet Chronicles: Part 1 does not offer the player much in the way of guidance or instruction. It is very much down to the player to explore and experiment to get each of the many weird and wacky endings! It uses simple mouse and keyboard controls and is easy to play in a mechanical sense but progressing the game can often require thinking outside of the box and trying some obscure methods. While this can be a little confusing at times it is also a lot of fun and makes finding a new ending or secret achievement very satisfying. The puzzles are integrated well and do not stand out as individual problems to solve but reaching all of the available endings and completing the game will require some thinking power as well. A free DLC for the game is also available, offering a selection of additional endings and achievements!

Toilet Chronicles Part 1 Screenshot - Urinal Posters


The visuals are made of colourful 3D graphics with simple but clear models and vibrant, atmospheric lighting. The music is minimal, featuring mainly in the credits which play after each ending is reached. It is unintrusive with moderate energy and few layers but does add to the overall experience. The sound effects are more plentiful and include taps running, items dropping as well as several amusing or silly noises. These help with both immersion and comedy value.

Toilet Chronicles Part 1 Screenshot - The Sinks


Toilet Chronicles: Part 1 is a silly, surreal and very entertaining game that offers strange but satisfying gameplay, and light-hearted comedy as well as vibrant, atmospheric visuals and amusing sound effects. While it is essentially an escape-room-style experience it achieves originality and puts a unique spin on the genre. It will take between one and two hours to play and is very enjoyable. As such I would definitely recommend this to fans of casual puzzle games, especially those looking for something a little quirky!

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