Community Highlight – Park Rangers of the Undead + Giveaway!

Park Rangers of the Undead - Key Art

“My Zombie apocalypse plan is simple but effective; I fully intend to die in the very first wave. Seems more logical than undergoing all kinds of hardships only to die eventually anyway (through bites/malnutrition/or terminally chapped lips)” – Graham Parke


Park Rangers of the Undead is being worked on by members of Indie Hive’s very own Discord server and what better way to celebrate the community than writing about their games! Be sure to keep an eye out for more community Highlight reviews in the future and feel free to join us on Discord if you like to chat indie games and development!

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Park Rangers of the Undead is a 3D action-adventure shooter in which the player takes on the role of a retired mercenary hired by ‘the company’ to rid Brentwood National Park of its rampant zombie problem using any means necessary.

Developer: Nightingale Studios
Released: 18th August 2021
Price: £3.99

Platforms: Windows
Available on: Steam
Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Park Rangers of the Undead Screenshot - Training Area


Park Rangers of the Undead has a pretty comprehensive tutorial that does a good job of introducing the player to the game The training grounds introduce players to ten different enemies that are increasingly difficult to kill, these include dum-dums, heavies, gluttons, chickens and tanks to name a few!

The game is in early access but there are two of the six arenas available, a forest and a desert and both offer very different playing experiences as a result of their layout and obstacles. Various infected will attack the player in waves of increasing difficulty. Enemies have a chance to drop ammo or health when they die and collecting these is instrumental to defeating them since death is permanent.

Park Rangers of the Undead Screenshot - First Map

Narrative and Styling

There are little to no narrative elements in Park Ranger of the Undead beyond the implied zombie apocalypse but this is completely appropriate for the fast-paced shooter gameplay. The music fits the experience perfectly with a variety of energetic metal tracks that help boost adrenaline and add to the overall atmosphere of the game. The low-poly 3D visuals are simple but pleasing, with bright colours and vibrancy that add an element of silliness to what is essentially quite a violent game. The range and detail of the zombie models themselves are a highlight of the overall aesthetic.

Park Rangers of the Undead Screenshot - Shooting a Heavy


Overall, Park Rangers of the Undead is a really promising looking game. The existing content provides some lively, fast-paced shooter fun with jolly visuals and a well-matched soundtrack. It is ideal for shorter play sessions and I am really looking forward to trying new arenas as they are added and seeing where else the developers take the experience as a whole.


Giveaway Time

Courtesy of Nightingale Studios we have five Steam keys for Park Rangers of the Undead to giveaway on our Discord server. Come join us there for your chance to win, or just to stay up to date with Indie Hive content and chat about indie games! We’d love you to join our buzzing community!

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