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Mixolumia is a puzzle game in the vein of falling block classics such as Tetris, with a few small twists. In addition to five game modes ranging from a relaxing experience to intense challenges, both the game’s dynamic music and the color palettes are also moddable!

Developer: davemakes
Released: 4th August 2020
Price: $10

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac
Available on: itch.io, Steam
Engine: GameMaker

This game is being reviewed as part of the Indie Game Collective (IGC) showcase.


Although the goals are different for each of the game’s five modes, the fundamentals of Mixolumia are the same for all of them. The game continually spawns chunks of 2×2 differently colored blocks at the top of the screen, falling down to the bottom of the gem-shaped board. You can change their rotation and control where they fall, such that matching colors in certain patterns will cause the colored blocks to disappear.

Mixolumia - Rush Mode
The last two seconds of Rush Mode.

Unlike other block puzzlers, moving the blocks left or right also makes them descend, so you have to be careful (and quick-witted) when deciding where to drop the chunk to achieve the best possible outcome. As well, individual blocks are affected by gravity and will slide down diagonal slopes until they are stopped, leaving no unfilled gaps, and also causing blocks to disappear in chains.

The modes offer a style of gameplay for everyone. Relaxed mode lets you play the game without worrying about falling speed or scoring, and the board is cleared whenever it is filled, and Rush mode gives you two minutes to get the best score possible. Marathon requires you to clear 450 blocks with gradually escalating speed, and whilst Intense has the same goal, you start at maximum speed. Finally, Endless has you play until you get a game over.

What about the color palettes? Or that music?

One of the main selling points for Mixolumia is its visuals and music. Almost all interactions in the game have visual feedback, which also change based on your selected music and your progress on the board. Chains in particular are pretty and satisfyingly flashy to look at. And just in case you’re not a fan of the default colors, the game lets you change the color palette to dozens of built-in ones, or customize it to whatever you like.

Mixolumia - Relaxed Mode
Just a Relaxed game!

Mixolumia’s dynamic music is also a highlight. The tracks start off simple and grow in intensity the more the board is filled up, and it also reacts to blocks disappearing and chains, making the game feel alive. If the game’s original soundtrack just doesn’t do it, you can always download plenty of music packs or make your own using official developer documentation!

In Conclusion

Mixolumia is a falling blocks puzzler that you can’t go wrong with, thanks to its gameplay, unique and satisfying visuals, excellent living music, and its officially supported modding potential. If you’re looking for a game to play between breaks but also one which you can change, you should pick up Mixolumia.

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