I commissioned some bees – An Artistic Hidden Bee Game!

I commissioned some bees - Key Art

“Bees do have a smell, you know, and if they don’t they should, for their feet are dusted with spices from a million flowers.” – Ray Bradbury


I commissioned some bees is a cute hidden object game in which a selection of commissioned artworks are filled with concealed bees!

Developer: Follow the Fun
Released: 30th May 2022
Price: £1.69

Platforms: Windows
Available on: Steam

I commissioned some bees Screenshot - Level 1


I commissioned some bees consists of 10 levels and a bonus level with over a thousand bees hidden throughout, level one had 84 bees and level two had 169! There are also a small number of bee-related objects such as honey pots and hives hidden in some of the levels. Once the game is completed, a smaller number of bees can be restored to each level making for a more challenging replay. Three save slots are available to allow players to replay levels without resetting their progress.

The levels are all unlocked from the beginning of the game and have varying difficulty, though this does not progress through the levels. For example, level five was one of the easiest, level eight was probably the most difficult and the final level had moderate difficulty. Individual levels can take anywhere from two to fifteen minutes each depending on difficulty with the whole game taking around one to two hours. A couple of the levels lacked a bit of challenge but for the most part, I commissioned some bees has some very satisfying gameplay and provides a nice relaxing challenge. There is also a helpful and unlimited hint system available if and when players get stuck.

I commissioned some bees Screenshot - Level 7


The artwork is a key feature and highlight of the game. Commissioned by the developer, a number of artists created different pieces of art to hide bees in. The variation in styles and colour palettes is refreshing and overall the visuals are a joy to play through. The music, whilst not original, is different for each level, featuring gentle piano, relaxing acoustic guitar and upbeat electronic tracks to name a few. The music is matched well with each level, for example, the dramatic vocals that played over a stained glass style artwork were very effective and evoked images of churches and monasteries.

I commissioned some bees Screenshot - Level 8


I commissioned some bees is a great example of a hidden object game. There is a mix of relaxing and more challenging levels but the experience maintains a casual feel overall. The artwork is varied and visually pleasing, matching the audio and themes of the game. There is some replayability but if that’s not enough there are also 6 sequels available at the time of writing!

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