Hidden through Time 2: Myths and Magic – A Fantastic New Sequel

Hidden through Time 2 Myths and Magic - Key Art

“It is a joy to be hidden, and disaster not to be found.” – D.W. Winnicott


Hidden through Time 2: Myths and Magic is a delightful, hand-drawn hidden object game with levels set in different fantastical worlds. Players will search, decipher clues, and uncover hidden objects, but also create and share their own worlds!

Developer: Rogueside
Released: 5th October 2023
Price: £10.89

Platforms: Windows, Mac
Available on: Steam, GOG
Engine: Unity

Hidden through Time 2 Myths and Magic Screenshot - Tutorial


Following a short but adequate tutorial, each level in Hidden Through Time 2: Myths and Magic includes a variety of unique objects to find, each with its own specific clue. The main story features a number of levels that progress through different mythical settings such as 1001 Night, The Magical 80s, Greek Mythology, and The Middle Ages. The maps are detailed and full of a vast array of thematic structures, props, creatures and characters. The overall feel is casual and the game offers a very laid-back experience.

Objects are hidden with a range of difficulty but the visuals are clean and the clues are well-written making for a very satisfying search. There is also a secret objective in each level, a set object for each zone. Finding all the secret objectives in each zone will unlock a bonus level. Another new addition for the second instalment of Hidden through Time is the existence of different times of day and weather conditions. These can be switched between two options per level to enable the player to find objects that are only available when it is nighttime or raining, for example.

Once the main story is completed players can play a selection of online maps, created by other players around the world. These are of mixed quality for obvious reasons but it is easy to search for the best-rated maps and there are some very impressive examples out there. To enable this, the game also comes with an easy-to-use map editor which is a lot of fun in itself and includes more customisation options than in the first game. For example, different objects can be recoloured to add more variation to maps.

Hidden through Time 2 Myths and Magic Screenshot - 1001 Nights

Narrative and Styling

Some light narrative elements have been added to Hidden Through Time 2: Myths and Magic in the form of brief narration at the start of each level, in keeping with the theme of the zone. This is a fun addition but doesn’t add too much to the gameplay or experience as a whole. The different areas are depicted in a familiar, cute, hand-drawn, simple cartoon art style with bold lines, rounded shapes and soft but vibrant colours that suit the tone of the game perfectly. The music is wonderfully eclectic and befitting of each level. Along with plenty of fun sound effects that often occur when different objects are clicked on the sound design helps create a very immersive experience, especially for a hidden object game.

Hidden through Time 2 Myths and Magic Screenshot - The Magical 80s


Hidden Through Time 2: Myths and Magic is a fantastic example of a hidden object game, featuring a variety of hidden objects, cute artwork and adorable sound design. It has all the familiar and loved elements of the first game but also a selection of fun additions that elevate it from its predecessor such as narrative elements, time and weather conditions and advanced customisation on the map editor. The map editor itself adds a host of extra content and really extends the experience. Overall, this game has a lot to offer and is an absolute joy to play. I’d highly recommend it to fans of the genre.

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