Contract Demon – When Angels and Demons Fall in Love

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NOTE: Contract Demon contains mild sexual references. Both the game and the article are intended for audiences over 16 years old.


Part of NomnomNami’s growing catalog of short visual novel experiences is Contract Demon, a romance story about an angel summoning a demon for stuff like getting books or watching movies, as well as the bureaucracies of Hell.

Developer: NomnomNami
Released: 31 March 2019
Pay What You Want

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Available on:, Google Play
Engine: Ren’py

Contract Demon - Succubus Sex Party


As a linear visual novel, you keep reading until you finish it. There are no choices and therefore there is only one ending. The story revolves around Eleni, an angel who undergoes a ritual to summon Kamilla, a demon who offers services in exchange for a small fee. Eleni is so excited to be around a demon that she tries to figure out a way to keep Kamilla around, even when the nether’s laws don’t allow it.

Contract Demon begins with the two characters interacting with each other, talking about adult comics, or watching movies (basically a sleepover). The setup is cute but ultimately doesn’t do much to help you feel attached to the two protagonists. This isn’t a shortcoming, however, as Eleni and Kamilla are separated, the story presents its conflicts, mainly the new feelings Kamilla can’t seem to understand and the price of being in a perpetual demonic contract with a client.

Contract Demon - Olog

While you start the story unable to truly relate to the characters, when the end rolls around and the conflicts separating them are resolved, you just can’t help but appreciate the weird yet wholesome bond that they form.

Artstyle and Audio

Contract Demon’s artstyle nails a balance between cute and somewhat otherworldly. While Eleni is just way too adorable, the demons in the story are slightly alien-looking thanks to their colors and features like horns, although they remain familiar thanks to their humanoid forms. Although the story has a huge focus on the laws of demons, the netherworld itself is merely just a backstage so the backgrounds remain typical. The music added to the various moods of the story, but ultimately, they weren’t earworms.

Contract Demon - Sleepover

In Conclusion

Even as a short read, Contract Demon packs a lot. From an interspecies and interdimensional relation to the establishments of Hell and their rules on contracts, the visual novel offers half-an-hour to an hour of content for free. In case this isn’t enough, you can also buy the comic and artbook for the story from and check out NomnomNami’s other games!

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