Chippy’s Escape from Seaberry Keep – An Adorable New Sequel

Chippy's Escape from Seaberry Keep - Key Art

“Anytime you see a turtle up on top of a fence post, you know he had some help.” – Alex Haley


Chippy’s Escape from Seaberry Keep is an exciting new adventure from Cozy Strawberry and a sequel to Seaberry Keep. Players can make new friends, uncover the witch’s secrets, explore a mansion and even decorate!

Developer: Cozy Strawberry
Released: 14th April 2023
Price: £4.29

Platforms: Windows
Available on: Steam
Engine: Ren’Py

Chippy's Escape from Seaberry Keep Screenshot - Potions


Much like its predecessor, Chippy’s Escape from Seaberry Keep has quite minimal gameplay that suits the experience and adds to the overall charm. Players explore the keep, meeting cute characters and choosing the occasional dialogue option and navigating using arrows at the edges of the screen. There are a variety of simple but satisfying puzzles and mini-games to encounter along the way. These include decorating a bedroom, finding keycards or passwords and even drinking potions and are a fun way to boost interactivity. The gameplay is really quite simple in places but is accessible, family-friendly and very enjoyable overall.

Chippy's Escape from Seaberry Keep Screenshot - Library

Narrative and Styling

Chippy begins the game in a terrarium, trapped by the witch of Seaberry Keep and must find a way to escape and get back to his friends and family. The narrative is delivered largely through dialogue and environmental details. It is a jolly and mildly perilous little story filled with a plethora of fun NPCs such as a little bunny, a sneaky ghost and a cookie-making maid, though of all the adorable characters, Chippy is the cutest!

The visuals in Chippy’s Escape from Seaberry Keep are a highlight of the game made up of almost childlike cartoon illustrations that look like they have been created in MS Paint. The vibrant, pastel colour palettes add to the upbeat and positive feel of the game and work perfectly with the art style. There is very little music in the game but gentle piano plays in the menu and the game features some glorious singing flowers! There are also some pleasant ambient sound effects such as birds chirping that help bring the environments to life. The voice acting is another stand-out element of the game and is fantastically enthusiastic and upbeat whilst painting a calming tone overall, fitting with the rest of the experience.

Chippy's Escape from Seaberry Keep Screenshot - Security Bear


Chippy’s Escape from Seaberry Keep is a delightful way to spend 30 minutes and can easily be enjoyed by players of all ages. Its charming aesthetic, kooky characters, minimalistic but fun gameplay and endearing story all combine to make a cute, relaxing experience that is perfect to enjoy with a nice cup of tea. I’d happily recommend this to fans of casual visual novels and point-and-click games.

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