Commodore 64 music’s ambitions continue with 8-Bit Symphony Pro

8-Bit Symphony Pro

Today, newly registered charity 8-Bit Symphony launched its first project, a Kickstarter that takes the legendary Rob Hubbard to Prague with 17 top-quality orchestral scores of C64 music, and gives them to the famous Czech Studio Orchestra to create a CD that they hope will appeal to every film music fan, VGM fan or 8-bit micro fan.

“We’re aiming for Classic FM and Scala here, we have amazing scores that our concert proved to have an accessibility and excitement way beyond the retro. Now we need professional recordings to make the music more accessible and provide further momentum towards more concerts, with Albert Hall firmly in our sights.”

Chris Abbott, founder of 8-Bit Symphony.

In addition to a double CD set, backers are being offered a surround-sound Blu-Ray, and other perks including attendance at the recordings, “The C64 Mini” computers, concert programmes, and a season pass for future concerts. There are also options for orchestras such as the right (and the loan of the scores and the videos) to perform their own 8-Bit symphony concert and a perk-filled package for potential corporate backers.

8-Bit Symphony Pro mock cover

Ambitious stuff, but Chris is determined: “it might not be for a couple of years, but (. . .) I’m sure we can get to a level where the biggest venues are in our grasp: the ultimate decades-old dream for fans.” Legendary VGM composer Rob Hubbard, whose music forms the core of the programme, and who arranged and orchestrated much of it himself, agrees:

“Recording with the professional musicians of the Czech Studio Orchestra will be another special event for everyone who loved the originals. The high quality recordings will open up broadcasting, TV, Radio, more arrangements and further live orchestral performances.  I’m very excited about the possibilities!”

Rob Hubbard

Samples of the music, as well as a proposed tracklist, are all available on 8-Bit Symphony Pro Kickstarter page along with heaps of other information!

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