Indiepocalypse: Monthly Indie Game bundle and Zine

Indiepocalypse #1 - Featured Image

“When the sharks the sharks devour, little fishes have their hour.” – Bertolt Brecht

Developer: Various
Releases: 1st Friday of each month
Price: $15.00

Platforms Include: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, GameBoy, Physical
Available on:, Patreon
Engine: Various

What is Indiepocalypse?

Indiepocalypse was started by PIZZAPRANKS (aka Andrew) earlier this year and is a monthly zine and game bundle featuring titles from ten different indie game developers. Andrew explains the main goal of the project at the start of the first issue by saying:

Games as a whole are a relatively young medium, but far more importantly one dominated by stories of extreme success. There is little attention given to the independent and ‘small press’ of games outside those year’s mega-hits. (…) the entire culture leads to impossible expectations of what a small team (or single person) can create and overall devaluation of ‘smaller’ games. It is my goal with this anthology to change that culture to better appreciate these games and the developers that make them.’

How to support or contribute to Indiepocalypse

Besides being ready to buy individually on, Indiepocalypse is also available on a subscription basis via Patreon, it will cost the same price on both platforms but subscribing via Patreon helps provide the publisher with some insight into how many of each they should expect to sell. Alternatively, players and readers can offer their support of the project for as little as $1.00 per month.

Indiepocalypse is on the lookout for more talented game developers, artists and writers to contribute to both the game bundle and zine elements of future anthologies. PIZZAPRANKS is refreshingly upfront about what they pay contributors and full details and submission instructions can be found on the Indiepocalypse website.

Highlights from Indiepocalypse Issue #1

The following are some top picks and favourites from the first instalment in the project, Indiepocalypse Issue #1: Made in MA, they accompany other titles such as Baking with Lizzie, Theseus in the Dark, and 8 Bitty Games.

The Cover Art

Indiepocalypse #1 Cover Art

Each issue of Indiepocalypse features cover art from a different artist. The first cover is a cute black-and-white cartoon designed by comic artist Peter Landry.

The piece is deceptively simple with its lack of colour and relatively minimalist line art style. In fact, the cover art is something of a curio within which a plethora of gaming-related items and references to titles such as Cuphead, The Witcher, Hollow Knight and Legend of Zelda can be found.

The Ultimate Celebration

The Ultimate Celebration
Brightly coloured pixel art in The Ultimate Celebration

Developer: Digital Dessert
Original Release: February 2012
Platforms: Windows
Also available on: GameJolt
Price: Free
Engine: Game Maker

The Ultimate Celebration is a retro-style game designed for speedrunning. Players must explore the varied environments of the relatively small game world in order to meet the goal of gathering friends for a party. There is no death in this game but there are obstacles such as fishing cats, enemies and springs that will slow, freeze, knockback or otherwise hinder the player. There are a total of 20 potential guests, including a monkey, an alien, and a snowman, to be found across the map but as time visibly dwindles in the form of an obscure apocalyptic countdown, speed is essential.

Loose Nozzles Demo

Loose Nozzles
Cute Styling and challenging gameplay in Loose Nozzles

Developer: Chris Foster and Son
Release: TBA 2020
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Price: TBA
Engine: Unity

The first issue of Indiepocalypse includes a demo for upcoming game Loose Nozzles, a hand-drawn arcade game made by a father and son team. Players must use left and right thrusters to steer the rocket and rescue engineers from winding underground caves, with bonus points awarded for smoothness, low fuel usage and not wrecking the ship! The art and sound are all childlike, giving the game a cute feel despite the challenge it presents.

Absolute Unit

Absolute Unit

Developer: Cam Perry Games
Release: April 2019
Platforms: Windows
Also available on:
Price: Name your own price
Engine: RPG Maker

Made in under 48 hours for the Berklee Game Jam in 2019, Absolute Unit is a short but delightful game in which players take on the role of Boofy, a skinny and unhappy dog without an owner. Explore a short looping street and meet 3 interactable NPCs with whom to start battle style events. Boofy must demonstrate his cuteness and good boy abilities in order to win treats and get chubbier since he spotted other dogs and deduced that this is what will help him find him forever home!

Other Games included in Indiepocalypse Issue #1

Baking with Lizzie

30 – 50 Feral Hogs

Developer: Generic Geek Girl
Release: August 2017
Price: $5.00
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Available on:

Developer: Elijah Cobb
Release: August 2019
Price: Name your own price
Platforms: Mac, HTML5
Available on:

Theseus in the Dark

An Easy Lay

Developer: SpiderFlorist
Release: April 2017
Price: Name your own price
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Available on:
Engine: Unity

Developer: SpiderFlorist
Release: June 2017
Price: $1.00
Platforms: HTML5
Available on:

Descent into Madness

The Beauty of Poppies

Developer: Josh Aaron Miller
Release: 2016
Platforms: PDF

Developer: Brandon Sichling
Platforms: Windows
Engine: Game Maker

8 Bitty Games

The Manse on Soracca

Developer: Patchwork Games
Release: June 2015
Price: Name your own price
Platforms: Windows, Mac, GBA
Available on:
Engine: GameBoy Development Kit

Developer: MoonMuse Entertainment Studio
Release: October 2019
Price: $4.99
Platforms: Windows
Available on: Steam

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