Guerrilla Collective – Starting June 6th!

Guerrilla Collective Featured Image

What is Guerrilla Collective?

Guerilla Collective is an online game event show by Media Indie Exchange and Kinda Funny Games Showcase, with hosting by Greg Miller. The event brings both players and developers to celebrate video games even during the COVID-19 crisis. Running for the first time from June 6 to the 8 at 10 AM Pacific Time, on Twitch and Steam, the event will include news, announcements, and trailers from a worldwide coalition of publishers and developers.

The first two days will include online press events. June 6 in particular will include the Guerrilla Collective show, followed by other events. The third and final day will be dedicated to live gameplay demos and juicy developer interviews. You can expect to see big players such as Larian Studios, 11bit studios, Fellow Traveller, ZA/UM, Paradox Interactive, and many more.

The developers and publisher to appear in Guerrilla Collective!

June 6th Lineup


We are excited to see what the Guerilla Collective will bring to the table. With the Game Developers Conference and E3 canceled, this is a great time to see new, fresh online conventions entering the scene and easily accessible online. With a strong lineup of studios and shows, Guerrilla Collective is an event to look out for!

While we wait excitedly for June 6, why not read about the last LudoNarraCon, along with coverage for its games?

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