Obduction for Free, Bioshock Infinite and more in GOG’s Summer Sale Festival!

GOG featured image

The Summer Sale Festival started earlier today on GOG.com. Among the titles on sale, Slipstream, Enter the Gungeon, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. But there are two highlights I’d like to focus on.

  • If you go to the front page and scroll down, you will be able to get a free copy of Obduction by Cyan Inc, the same developers behind classics Myst and Riven. Be quick, as the game will revert to being paid on June 1, at 1PM UTC. You get to keep the game in your library if you claim it.
  • You can now buy BioShock Infinite from GOG. All DRM-free.

Hurry and grab Obduction! The sale continues until the 17th of June, 10PM UTC.

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