FutureGrind Review – Cyberpunk Stunts!

FutureGrind Featured Image

Developer: Milkbag Games
Released: 15 January 2019
Price: $9.99

Platforms: Windows, PS4, Switch
Available on: itch.io, Steam, Humble, PSN, eShop
Engine: Unity


FutureGrind is a driving and stunt platformer by Milkbag Games. Taking place in the 2070s, you play as a stunt driver using futuristic bikes that grind on glowing rails, performing for various sponsors whilst watching your back as something fishy unfolds.

Rather than being regular bikes, the wheels are attached to the ends of an “axis” that can be rotated 360 degrees, and able to balance the bike on just one wheel. With the ability to rotate and jump, you can grind in many ways and even spin in the air. For example, holding the jump button against a grind’s underside allows you to undergrind. You can chain all these tricks to raise your multiplier and get high scores! But be careful, as white rails cancel multipliers, and landing on a rail that doesn’t match your wheel’s color will cause you to crash!

Future Grind - Air Spinning
Air spinning!

Each level has a score run and two other assignments (usually “undergrind 2 rails” or “touch all rails”). Score run is of particular interest to players looking for a challenge since you must perfect your stunts until you get enough points and survive the race to earn the lofty diamond cups, adding to the replayability factor. In addition to an Assist Mode which makes the game easier, there are also a couple of achievements available, even for non-Steam players!

The futuristic, neon-colored rails and the backdrops are alien yet pleasant to look at, particularly in darker levels where your bike’s wheels glow strongly against nearby buildings. FutureGrind also includes options for color-blind players, allowing you to change the colors of the rails to whichever suits you. All of this is accompanied by a funky electropop soundtrack consisting of 19 tracks!

FutureGrind - Undergrinding
Undergrinding in FutureGrind

In Conclusion

As a fan of cyberpunk settings, I loved the aesthetics FutureGrind with its weird rotating bikes and colored rails, as well as the challenging score-focused gameplay and its simple controls, as well as the “nothing is at is it seems” storyline. Worth a try if you’re into arcade-style games!

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