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As someone who has played games since I was a little kid, I’m naturally concerned about the current state of games, and worried of what would come next. The delisting of games and multiplayer servers shutting down are nearly a regular occurrence by now, yet it is an issue among many people, myself included. Which is why I’m glad and yet saddened to know that a website exists to record games that were delisted. Enter Delisted Games.

A search for Alan Wake on Delisted Games.
A search for Alan Wake on Delisted Games.

The site (and its social media accounts) keeps you updated on which games are going to be delisted from stores, which games will lose their multiplayer mode, and any further updates on them. It lets you know about these issues as soon as news break about them.

In addition to news, you can also search for games, with filters for publishers and platforms. If the game you’re searching has any relevant information, it’ll show up. You can also read more about any game by accessing its page, showing you the links, approximate delisting time, reasons and speculation, and other information about the game itself.

The page for Duke Nukem 3D on the site.
The page for Duke Nukem 3D on the site.

While it is sad that there is now a website to keep track of games going out of sale or multiplayer services shutting down, we admire the effort put towards maintaining it. For those who are concerned about games, Delisted Games is a boon, especially when games are increasingly reliant on centralized multiplayer servers hosted only by the company or are only sold or even only distributed digitally with no used games market to help.

I’m especially worried when game streaming (such as through Google Stadia, which you can read about here) becomes more available, as it is far likelier that games will be unplayable once they are delisted. Not to mention you won’t even own any shred of the game by that point.

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