Help Santa Deliver his Presents in Christmas Eve Crisis!

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Christmas Eve Crisis is a free platformer game by InterAction Studios, starring Santa Claus! Taking place on late Christmas Eve, Santa runs into a little bit of a sleigh issue, causing all his presents to be scattered all over the planet. He must grab these presents and get them to their recipients before sunrise!

Developer: InterAction Studios
Released: December 2009
Price: Free

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac
Available on: Publisher’s Website

Let’s grab those presents, then!

Christmas Eve Crisis - Carrying gifts!

Christmas Eve Crisis is a platformer with an emphasis on finding and carrying presents, then delivering them to their correct homes before leaving using Santa’s jet-powered sleigh. Equipped with basic movement and a short hop, Santa needs to use the environment to get around, such as climbing up trees or using springs. However, he also needs to avoid hazards that can ruin the presents or even kill him, such as water, sleeping owls, peeking moles, spiky hedgehogs, and even fireflies! Santa can also collect a lot of non-gift items such as biscuits and gifts as well as find secret areas, all of which increase the score gained in a level.

Christmas Eve Crisis is an excellent fix for casual play, thanks to its easy gameplay, festive mood, lack of timers and limited lives, and short levels. However, the game packs a degree of replayability thanks to its scoring system, which encourages planning. Christmas Eve Crisis is surprisingly a lot more strategic than it looks on a surface level, as the gifts are scattered throughout the levels and far from their correct recipients, thus requiring knowledge of the levels and knowing where to move certain presents to get the least time possible. This means the game is suitable for players who are looking for a quick festive fix just as well as people looking to 100% all the levels!

Santa’s crisis still looks festive!

Christmas Eve Crisis - ACME Technology

Although Christmas Eve Crisis released over a decade ago, the visuals still hold up to this day thanks to the colorful, cartoon-like artstyle and constant technical updates from the developer allowing higher resolutions. That said, one of the first things you should do is get into the settings and enable V-sync if the visuals are flickering! The music is the usual fare of festive Christmas tunes and melodies, such as Jingle Bells.

In Conclusion

Christmas Eve Crisis is a good choice for a festive fix, thanks to starring Santa as the main character as well as the gameplay that’s just right for casual play and replay value. Even outside of holiday season, the game is a solid, fun platformer that can be played in short bursts!

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